Sergio Lima

With experienced instructors, you can be at ease knowing that they know and respect the ocean and will always put your safety first!

Adult Lessons

Learning to surf should be fun and relaxing. At Island Style we make sure you have a stress-free experience to remember!

Adult Lessons

What makes the difference in your surf experience is attention to details: we've got those all covered!


Lugano, Switzerland
Would Recommend to Anybody!

I had lessons with Sergio for one week in June 2011 and I enjoyed every second spent with him. Sergio is a golden guy and an excellent surf instructor.

I got up on my fourth wave and just kept getting better every day thanks to his advice. His knowledge and love for surf and the ocean make you want to go back for another lesson. Overall such a great experience that I would recommend to anybody!

Portland, OR
Simple, Clear Instruction

I had such a great experience learning how to surf with Sergio as my instructor. He explained things so simply and clearly on the beach and gave me the time to practice, so that when we were in the water all I had to do was repeat what we had practiced on the sand.

I was excited as we paddled out for the first set of waves and felt very confident with Sergio knowing which waves were the right ones for me to catch. He was so calm as he gave me a push into the wave and then gave me the simple reminder of what to do. I wasn't expecting to actually get up on my first day of surfing, but I did!!

It was a joyous experience and I am sure that if Sergio was able to get me surfing on my first day, he can help anyone get up. He is the best!

Atlanta, GA
Top Notch Instruction and Credentials

The most fun I've ever had in a surfing camp was with Sergio and Carly. Though they may not be born and raised on the islands, the Aloha spirit is alive and well within them.

After a long day of surfing, dog-tired Sergio so kindly endured touring us around the next morning island with the most knowledgeable tour guide on O'ahu: Carly. After a few days of surfing, we really got to know this lively, yet laid-back couple as friends.

I'll always remember the things Sergio said were "No Good!" and the action-packed pictures taken by Carly, also a talented photographer.

Sergio's instruction and credentials are top-notch. A Brazilian pro-surfer who's got mad surfing skills will instruct the most basic beginner on foundational surfing skills. He keeps surfing simple: Three steps! Not having a good time with this surfing duo is "No Good!"

I went looking for a surf school with a more "local" vibe. You'll not only leave for home with strong surfing skills, but life-long friends as well.

Best Surf Coach

What's there more to be: experience the waves with the best surf coach and keep all the memories thanks to an incredible talented photographer! And the fun doesn't end at the beach ;-)

Astoria, OR
Right There for You

If you are looking for some great surfing, link up with Sergio and Carly. I had the pleasure of spending a week with them, Sergio will pick up on where you are as far as surfing skills, he will take you to the waves you can handle- or push you if you want.

Unlike many surf instructors that I have had experience with, Sergio stays on mission, he doesn't leave you hanging-- he will be right there for you, easy going and fun-- Carly makes up the team-- you can't go wrong!

John & Melissa
John & Melissa
San Diego, CA
Showed us the "Local Life"

They went out of their way to show us parts of the island we never would have found, introduced us to wonderful restaurants, and to fun local activities.

I was amazed at how many great qualities I recognized in Sergio in such a short amount of time. Sergio is a remarkable person... Not just because he is a self-made man in the purest form; a professional surfer; an outstanding chef (catching live octopus, growing a garden, and cracking coconuts with his bare hands); or even that he will literally give you the shirt off his back! But because he knows everything there is to know about living well; and what knowledge could be more important than that?! Needless to say, I think a lot about Sergio & I am proud to call him my friend.

Bonnie & Simon
London, England
Humor, Smiles, and Confidence

Sergio taught my husband and I to surf in September while on our honeymoon. To say I wasn't feeling particularly confident was an understatement. Sergio's way of teaching makes it really simple (even if it took a good few trys and a few deep breaths) I stood up on my first day, which after speaking to some friends that surf, is pretty darn good teaching skills (especially when you are teaching the uncoordinated!).

Sergio's humour, smiles and confidence made the lessons really enjoyable and Carly his wife is an incredible photographer, don't miss out on getting some photos taken by her of you in the waves, it's great to look back on, even if you are stacking it in some of them!

Given Sergio is an actual surf pro I'd imagine he can teach the more expert surfers a few tricks too - have a look on YouTube at what he can do. Don't miss this surf school - we can't wait to return. Thank you both!

Vita & Paul
Sioux Falls, SD
Patient & Authentic- True Island Experience

Paul and I have had the most amazing experience with islander Sergio! Our first experience surfing was the best it could be.

Seeing Sergio's approach to teaching in comparison to other surf instructors there was great difference. He has so much patience and won't let you fall. Both of us got up on the first try due to clear instructions.

Our visit to Hawaii was so authentic, thanks to Sergio and his islander experience. It was a blast!!!

Habana, Cuba
& Miami, FL
Patient & Committed to Detail and Improvement

By far the best surf lesson I have ever had.

To start off not only did Sergio teach me how to surf he explained to me what a channel was, and also what to do to get back through the channel so I would not have sets bomb on my head and of course to be able to make it back with ease so I won't tire myself out.

What I liked the most from the lesson was Sergio's attitude and how much he helped me out and explained things to me, he didn't let me quit and kept pushing me until I finally got up.

After a while I started taking advanced surf lessons with Sergio by now I went from a 12 foot board to a 7'6" board we went out on an 8- 10 foot day I was super freaked out but Sergio's attitude and confidence kept me in the water and by far I had the best surf sesh year to date, I caught a ton of waves and surfed until I could not paddle anymore.

Thanks for everything coach, as I like to call him in the water.

Mollie Mae
Gainesville, FL
Life-Changing Impact

Surfing was something I begged my mother to let me try during our stay in Hawaii. Little did I know how much of an impact it would have on me. I am terrified of sharks and it helps me conquer my fear. Plus, standing up on a board while the wave pushes you is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced.

After taking a lesson from Sergio, I go surfing any chance I can get. And when I can't drive to the ocean, I study and admire the many posters of surfboards and oceans that hang on my wall.

Thank you Carly and Sergio for introducing me to something beautiful.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
& Aichi, Japan
Attentive, Patient- Changed My Life

Sempre tive receio em fazer aula de surfe - "pow, pagar pra alguem sendo que todo mundo aprende sozinho?". Mas tentando sozinho passei por maus momentos, em uma prancha que não era adequada e sem os conhecimentos bá sicos. Quando estive no Hawaii, resolvi que iria fazer umas aulas, pra aprender realmente como surfar. E para minha sorte, tive a honra de ter tido aulas com o Sérgio. Com toda atenção e paciência me passou vá rias dicas e conselhos .Antes de entrar na á gua uma aula de como observar o mar, ver se as condições estão boas. Na areia outra aula, sobre o melhor jeito de se fazer o take off, como ficar em pé na prancha e a postura correta para surfar. E na água ele mostrou como chegar nas melhores ondas, onde esperar, quando faltou força pra remar ele deu o empurrãozinho , sempre ali junto, atenciosamente corrigindo os erros e comemorando os acertos. Valeu por tudo mesmo. Hoje surfo aqui no Japão até no inverno de zero grau, porque além de me ensinar a surfar você me mostrou como é bom viver nesse estilo de vida que o surfe proporciona.

Portland, OR
Surf safely, easily, and with heaps of fun!

I was terrified of the ocean before starting my lesson with Sergio, and within minutes he made me feel comfortable. Not only does he make you feel safe, but he explains surfing in a way that anyone can understand- simple, step-by-step instructions.

It was a absolute blast learning to surf with Sergio and Carly! I can't wait to return and have another lesson with them. I'd recommend Island Style Surf School to anyone who wants to learn how to surf safely, easily, and with heaps of fun!

Christine & Forrest
Christine & Forrest
Laramie, WY
Best way to learn!

Surfing with Sergio is pretty much the best way to learn how to surf.

As a beginning surfer, with limited ocean experience, I had amazing time surfing with Sergio because of his great personality and impressive knowledge of the sport. He breaks surfing down into easy steps that are easy to follow, and he gets really excited with you when you figure it out!

Surfing with Sergio was really more than a surf lesson; it was a chance to explore the ocean, experience island life, and hang out with great people.

Thanks for making my first surf experience so awesome Sergio! I'll be back for round 2!

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