Famous North Shore

Come see what the North Shore has to offer and why it is known as the most famous surf spot on earth!

Island Experience

We want to make your whole experience on the island memorable, so feel free to ask us any questions!

Frequently Asked questions

If you don't see your question below, please email us, or call us at (808) 953-9856.

1) How safe is surfing?
Like any other sport, there is always risk associated with an outdoor physical activity. Specifically, surfing safety involves a critical understanding and management of three fundamental areas: 1) your environment, 2) your equipment, and 3) your ability. With our trained instructors there to assess and manage all key aspects of these areas, you can relax and focus on enjoying the ride.

2) How old do you have to be to surf?
Accompanied by a certified instructor, a toddler can ride tandem with a surf instructor. On a separate board, we must consider the individual's athleticism, adaptability to maneuvering the board, and overall swim ability.

3) What are the odds of a shark attack?
Statistically speaking, you are more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack. You are also more likely to get struck by lightning.

1) What should I bring to the surf lesson?
We will provide the board & leash, rash guard, sunscreen , water, and towel. Other than that, men should wear boardshorts or swim trunks with a drawstring, and women should wear a comfortably snug swimsuit.

2) What should I wear for the surf lesson?
Men should wear boardshorts or swim trunks with a drawstring, and women should wear a comfortably snug swimsuit.

3) Do I need to know how to swim in order to surf?
No, it is not necessary (considering that the surfboard is a floatation device.)

4) How long should I eat before the lesson?
A good rule of thumb is to eat an hour and a half before the lesson. Also, come hydrated on a hot day.

5) Should I wear a wetsuit?
The water temperature fluctuates year round in the low 80ºF (25ºC). On windy days, small children consider wearing a light wetsuit.

6) Are there any hotels in the area? Where should I stay?
The only large resort on the North Shore is the Turtle Bay Resort. For a more local feel, you can also explore local condos & home rentals.

1) How long are the lessons?
We can stay as long as you're able to keep paddling. For most beginning to novice level surfers, expect around 2 hours.

2) How many lessons should I take before I can stand up?
Although we cannot guarantee it, we have had everyone standing up by the first lesson.

3) What if I'm a beginner?
No experience? No problem! Our instructors specialize in teaching beginners to experience the joy of surfing. In fact, it is preferable to come with a clean slate than to come with a load of bad habits.

4) What if I'm a more experienced surfer?
Sergio is a professional surfer with experience in coaching some of the top professional Brazilian surfers.

1) What size are the boards?
We have all size boards ranging from 11' to 6'. Our SUPs are 12'.

2) I have my own boards, should I bring it?
If you want to improve on your own board, it is recommended, though not necessary, to bring your own board.

3) Do you provide a leash and rashguard?

Surf Conditions
1) What if the waves are not good/ too big/ too small?
With miles of breaks, there is a wave for everyone year round on the North Shore.

2) Is the North Shore a reef or a sand surf break?
The majority of North Shore breaks are reef.

3) Can I surf year-round on the North Shore?
Yes. Contrary to popular belief, there is always a wave for everyone somewhere on the North Shore.